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All DeFi Data in One Place

The Defiant Terminal helps track market and on-chain data, for the protocols, applications and tokens in decentralized finance. Analyze DeFi data from reliable sources, in real time, using customizable tables and graphs.
Information is power — here’s how you seize it.


The Defiant Terminal


Go beyond vanilla token metrics. We deliver data that’s actually useful for DeFi traders and researchers. We get in the weeds.
Analyzing DeFi data requires a dozen tabs open to multiple data trackers of varying levels of quality. Not any more.
Get all the data you need in one tab: The Defiant Terminal.

Updated and Iron-Clad

Our DeFi data is delivered at the highest definition possible, and is sourced directly from smart contracts. We are transparent with our data gathering so that you know exactly what you’re getting.


Analyze assets by a wide variety of metrics with historical data, compare projects against each other, create your own leaderboards and market views.

No Technical Knowledge Needed

Do you know how to use a search bar? Then you can use The Defiant Terminal. No code needed.

Traders & Investors

Leverage deep and updated DeFi information to make investment decisions with confidence. Track your portfolio and compare it against other assets.

Analysts & Researchers

Get actionable insights from updated and in-depth DeFi data. Build your own charts and dashboards for unbeatable reports.


Build charts with historical data for any asset, across any metric and timeframe. Analyze one asset or compare many.


Build charts with historical data for any asset, across any metric and timeframe. Analyze one asset or compare many.


Create leaderboards for any number of protocols, or drill down on historical data for one specific asset.


Arrange your own customized charts and tables to create views focusing on specific sectors, themes, and portfolios.

Pre-set Views

Save time and load pre-set views designed by The Defiant to track key metrics and assets organized according to sectors and themes.


Chat with other Defiant Terminal users in real time — discuss the latest in the market, share insights gained in the platform.


Keep up to date with a feed of the latest crypto news you can sort by source, keyword and asset.


Set alerts for when assets break key levels and thresholds (coming soon).
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